STROKOG Scientific Steering Committee

STROKOG is a consortium of longitudinal studies of cognitive disorders following stroke, TIA or small vessel disease. Developed under the auspices of VASCOG (Society for the Study of Vascular Cognitive and Behavioural Disorders), it is the first international effort to harmonise work on post-stroke dementia.

The STROKOG Scientific Steering Committee is formed to lead the scientific agenda of the consortium and provide ongoing support and governance. It comprises of one representative from each of the contributing studies, generally the lead investigator or a delegate. Below is a list of current members as of January 2018.


Study, Country

Dr Abdel Douiri South London Stroke Register (SLSR), UK
Dr Amy Brodtmann Cognition and Neocortical Volume After Stroke (CANVAS), Australia
Dr Aleksandra Klimkowicz-Mrowiec Cracow Stroke Database, Poland
Dr Behnam Sabayan Prospective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk (PROSPER), The Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland
Professor Byung-Chul Lee Korean-Vascular Cognitive Impairment Harmonization Standards Study (K-VCIHS), Korea
Dr Charlotte Cordonnier Prognosis of Intracerebral Haemorrhage (PITCH), France
Professor Christopher Chen Cognitive Outcome After Stroke (COAST), Singapore
Dr David Desmond Epidemiologic study of the risk of dementia after stroke, USA
Professor Hee-Joon Bae Bundang VCI cohort (Bundang VCI), Korea
Professor Hugh Stephen Markus St George's Cognition and Neuroimaging in Stroke (SCANS), UK
Professor Joanna Wardlaw Mild Stroke Study II (MSS-II), UK
Professor Martin Dichgans Determinants of Dementia After Stroke (DEDEMAS), Germany
Dr Michael Hoffmann Durban Stroke Data Bank (DSDB), South Africa
Dr Nagaendran Kandiah National Neuroscience Institute (Post Stroke Cognitive Impairment) Study , Singapore
Professor Olivier Godefroy Groupe de Réflexion pour l'Evaluation COGnitive VASCulaire study (GRECOG-VASC), France
Professor Perminder Sachdev Sydney Stroke Study (SSS), Australia
Professor Qun Xu Renji CSVD Cohort Study (RCCS), China

Professor Raj Kalaria

Cognitive Function After Stroke (CogFAST), UK

Professor Régis Bordet

Clinical Biological and Pharmacological Factors Influencing Stroke Outcome (BIOSTROKE) and Study of Factors Influencing Post-Stroke Dementia (STROKDEM), France

Dr Rufus Akinyemi

Cognitive Function After Stroke Nigeria  (CogFAST-Nigeria), Nigeria

Dr Sebestian Köhler

Cognition and Affect after Stroke: Prospective Evaluation of Risks (CASPER) and Maastricht Cognitive Disorders After Stroke (CODAS), The Netherlands

Dr Hanna Jokinen

Helsinki Stroke Aging Memory (SAM), Finland

Dr Thomas Linden

Göteborg 70+ Stroke Study, Sweden

Professor Velandai Srikanth

North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS), Australia

Professor Vincent Mok

Stroke Registry Investigating Cognitive Decline (STRIDE), Hong Kong


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