Consortia Led by CHeBA

International research consortia provide opportunities for researchers to share and compare data from existing studies, allowing systematic examination of brain ageing on a larger scale.

Researchers at CHeBA are studying the process of human ageing to determine the factors that influence the trajectory of healthy ageing and age-related cognitive decline, including dementia. At CHeBA, we are taking a lead in this line of investigation by making it international.

CHeBA researchers are harnessing the power of international studies by bringing them together into large consortia.

Many research groups from around the world have asked similar questions and established local or national cohorts. Combining these studies into consortia not only provides large sample sizes necessary to address some of the questions, it also provides the ability to replicate the findings of one study in other studies in different geographical areas and ethnic groups. Consortia also help to determine which risk and protective factors are truly global.

CHeBA leads the following international consortia which are partially funded by the The Dementia Momentum® initiative:


Consortia led by CHeBA: COSMIC Consortia led by CHeBA: ICC-Dementia Consortia led by CHeBA: STROKOG COGNISANCE LOGO


Cohort Studies of Memory in an International Consortium: An international consortium to combine data from population-based longitudinal cohorts studies to identify common risk factors for dementia and cognitive decline.
ICC-Dementia is a dementia work group of the International Consortium of Centenarian (ICC) studies brought together to examine the prevalence of and risk factors for dementia that are robust across centenarian cohorts from around the world.
A consortium of longitudinal studies of cognitive disorders following stroke, TIA or small vessel disease. Developed under the auspices of VASCOG (Society for the Study of Vascular Cognitive and Behavioural Disorders), it is the first international effort to harmonise work on post-stroke dementia.
COGNISANCE aims to improve the dementia diagnostic process and post-diagnostic support by producing toolkits in partnership with people with dementia, family care partners and health care professionals.
SHARED (Social Health And Reserve in the Dementia patient journey) is a project designed to uncover the links between social and brain factors connected to cognitive decline.

CHeBA is a contributing member of the following international consortia:

  • BRIDGET (Brain Imaging, cognition, Dementia and next generation Genomics: a Transdisciplinary approach to search for risk and protective factors of neurodegenerative disease)
  • CHARGE (Cohorts for Heart & Ageing Research in Genetic Epidemiology)
  • DIAN (Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network)
  • EADB (A European DNA bank for deciphering the missing heritability of Alzheimer’s disease)
  • ENIGMA (Enhancing Neuro-Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analyses)
  • EuroDiscoTWIN (European Discordant Twin Study)
  • IALSA (Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies on Aging and Dementia)
  • IGEMS (Consortium on Interplay of Genes and Environment across Multiple Studies)
  • PERADES (PDF) (Defining Genetic, Polygenetic and Environmental Risk for Alzheimer's Disease)