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One of the biggest global public health challenges in history is that of dementia.

With no treatment or cure currently available for dementia, prevention is our best option.

A number of risk and protective factors for dementia are already known. Since the disease process generally begins 20-30 years before the symptoms become apparent, it is never too early or too late to implement targeted strategies to prevent or delay symptoms.

Better Brain. Better Life Booklets

Genworth logo The following educational booklets about modifiable lifestyle factors associated with dementia are part of a series of four booklets developed as a supplement to CHeBA’s Better Brain. Better Life public forums.

They have been made possible through the generous support of Genworth Australia.  


Complex Mental Activity




Nutrition & Brain Health




Physical Exercise






Go4Life, from the National Institute on Aging at NIH, offers exercises, motivational tips and free resources to help older adults get ready, start exercising and keep going. The Go4Life website includes an evidence-based exercise guide in both English and Spanish, exercise videos, exercise tracking sheets, free resources and more.

Visit Go4Life