STROKOG Projects

CHeBA Consortia - STROKOG
STROKOG is a consortium of post-stroke/TIA or high vascular risk studies from around the world. Originally established in 2016, it was the first international effort to harmonise work on post-stroke dementia

List of STROKOG projects

Updated April 2022

Project Title

Lead Investigator (Affiliation)

Short-term trajectories of post-stroke cognitive function Jess Lo (CHeBA, UNSW)
Stroke recovery associated with cognitive impairment:  A population-based study Clare Flach and Majed Obaid (King’s College London)
Domain-specific cognitive impairments and depression as determinants of post-stroke functional disability Hanna Jokinen (Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki)
Risk factors for post-stroke depression Ben Lam (CHeBA, UNSW)
Post-stroke neuropsychiatric symptoms: apathy and psychosis Michael Connors (CHeBA, UNSW)
Poststroke anxiety: a domain-specific cognitive impairments characterization from the STROKOG Consortium Thibaut Dondaine (University of Lille)
Comorbidity and interactions of neurobehavioral syndromes Lena Oestreich (University of Queensland)
Improving Prediction of Future Dementia Risk in Patients with Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Hugh Stephen Marcus (Cambridge University)