STROKOG Research Proposals

CHeBA Consortia - STROKOG
STROKOG is a consortium of post-stroke/TIA or high vascular risk studies from around the world. Originally established in 2016, it was the first international effort to harmonise work on post-stroke dementia

Research proposal

STROKOG welcomes research proposals from member studies and from other researchers wishing to utilise the wealth and diversity of data held by the STROKOG cohorts. All proposals will be reviewed by the STROKOG Scientific Steering Committee. Interested researchers should contact the STROKOG Coordinator, Jess Lo, to have a preliminary discussion about the project.

Note that STROKOG member studies are not committed to provide data and they may choose to participate on a project-by-project basis. It is a requirement to include the study leader (and up to 2 study members) of the study cohort as co-authors of a publication that resulted from having included the dataset in the project.

Please also note that local IRB ethics is required and proposals from investigators who are not part of STROKOG require sponsorship or endorsement by a lead investigator of a STROKOG member study. Details of all STROKOG member studies and names of lead investigators can be found on this website. It may be appropriate to seek sponsorship from the leader of a study that has investigated similar issues or holds particularly relevant data.