• Sri Chandana Kanchibhotla

    Get to know our innovative team of researchers, their achievements and their current projects in this compelling series from The Brain Dialogues

  • Funding Success in Dementia Australia Research Foundation Grants

    Dr Suraj Samtani and Dr Simone Reppermund awarded Dementia Australia Research Foundation grants

  • Happiness of Centenarians a Severely Neglected Area of Research

    CHeBA researchers highlight the need for a clearer definition of ‘happiness’ in centenarians

  • Increasing Glutathione Levels Lowers Alzheimer’s Pathology and Improves Cognitive Decline

    A dietary supplement may represent a novel strategy for the treatment and/or prevention of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Improving Social Health for People Living with Dementia

    How certain mechanisms can reduce loneliness and improve social participation and belonging for people with dementia

  • Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia

    An Australian-first link between the impact of hearing loss on cognitive abilities and increased risk for dementia has been uncovered


    Dementia risk factors and how the 'Maintain Your Brain' trial and its participants are helping future generations

  • The Dementia Momentum®

    The Dementia Momentum® is a movement to bring researchers and the corporate and philanthropic community together to change the future of dementia incidence