• Diagnosing Dementia

    Up to 70% of dementia cases remain undiagnosed - the negative implications are vast

  • More Years of Education Reduces Risk of Dementia

    CHeBA-led research provides further support to these findings

  • Dr Anbu Thalamuthu

    Get to know our innovative team of researchers, their achievements and their current projects in this compelling series from The Brain Dialogues

  • Measuring Complexity of the Brain

    Discovery into a measure of brain complexity and sensitivity to changes over time

  • Research Grant to Fund Major Advance in Fight Against Dementia

    Professor Perminder Sachdev AM has been awarded a $3.289 million NHMRC Investigator Grant

  • World First Study Identifies Variants for Two Neuroimaging Traits

    CHeBA researchers help lead a Genome-Wide Association Study

  • Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Worse Cognitive Performance After a Stroke

    People with Type 2 diabetes, but not those with prediabetes, had worse cognitive performance three to six months after a stroke


    Dementia risk factors and how the 'Maintain Your Brain' trial and its participants are helping future generations

  • The Dementia Momentum®

    The Dementia Momentum® is a movement to bring researchers and the corporate and philanthropic community together to change the future of dementia incidence