• Gurjeet Kaur

    Get to know our innovative team of researchers, their achievements and their current projects in this compelling series from The Brain Dialogues

  • Can Fluid-Filled Spaces in the Brain Predict Dementia?

    CHeBA led research shows people with enlarged fluid-filled spaces in the brain around small blood vessels may be more likely to develop dementia

  • Effect of COVID-19 Greatest on People Living with Dementia

    Evidence suggest people with dementia are more likely to contract COVID-19 and to suffer severe disease outcomes from the virus

  • Changes to Hippocampus Key in Alzheimer’s Disease

    Specific subregions within the hippocampus may be the key to understanding Alzheimer’s disease

  • Sex-Specific Risk Factor Management Strategies

    CHeBA developed software has enabled an investigation into the relationship between sex differences and cerebral small vessel disease

  • Drinking Linked to a Decline in Brain Health Across Lifespan

    Experts have pin-pointed three key life stages when the effects of alcohol are likely to be at their greatest


    Dementia risk factors and how the 'Maintain Your Brain' trial and its participants are helping future generations

  • The Dementia Momentum®

    The Dementia Momentum® is a movement to bring researchers and the corporate and philanthropic community together to change the future of dementia incidence