São Paulo Ageing & Health Study

Principal Investigator

Marcia Scazufca
Instituto de Psiquiatri LIM-23, Hospital das Clinicas da faculdade de Medicina da universidade de São Paulo, Rua Ovidio Pires de Campos 785, CEP 05403-010, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Email: scazufca@gmail.com

Data Contact

Marcia Scazufca
Email: scazufca@gmail.com


Setting: São Paulo, Brazil
Start Date: May 2003
End Date: 2008
Participants: 2072 individuals aged 65+ years
Assessment Schedule: 2-year interval (one follow-up in 2005)

(1) Neuropsychiatric assessments of dementia, MCI, and cognitive decline; (2) Assessments of other mental disorders; (3) Broad range of sociodemographic, lifestyle and cardiac, physical and mental health factors; (4) Assessments of migraine, falls, and osteoporosis; (5) Blood samples and genotyping; (5) Subgroup with MRI scans (structural and functional).

Further Information