COSMIC Projects

CHeBA Consortia - COSMIC
Cohort Studies of Memory in an International Consortium: An international consortium to combine data from population-based longitudinal cohorts studies to identify common risk factors for dementia and cognitive decline.

Current Projects

Project aim



Alcohol, cognition, and mortality

L Mewton

UNSW, Sydney
Antihypertensives, blood pressure, and dementia risk M Lennon UNSW, Sydney
Social support and depressive symptoms S Samtani UNSW, Sydney
Sleep, MCI, and dementia S Wan Suh Seoul National University
Nutrition & cognitive health C Anastasiou Harokopio University, Athens
Risk models for prediction of dementia in LMICs E Pakpahan Northumbria University, UK
Maximizing dementia risk reduction K Deckers Maastricht University
Global burden of dementia L Mewton UNSW, Sydney
Diet and depression A Matison UNSW, Sydney
Cognitive decline before and after stroke J Lo UNSW, Sydney
Heart and brain health: AI assisted dementia risk models B Stephan Curtin University, Australia
Sex-specific risks for MCI and dementia C Wang Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York
Cardiometabolic multimorbidity, depression, and dementia X Xu Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
Social health and cognitive health trajectories L Braas Radboud University, The Netherlands
Nightmares, cognitive decline and dementia D Lipnicki UNSW, Sydney
ENIGMA group harmonization of cognitive domain scores E Dennis University of Utah
Neuropsychiatric symptoms and dementia risk DJ Oh Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Seoul
Cerebrovascular burden in vascular cognitive impairment N Husein UNSW, Sydney
Polygenic risk scores and dementia

K Mather

A Thalamuthu

UNSW, Sydney
Predicting dementia risk in LMICs with machine learning J Jiang UNSW, Sydney
Climate factors and dementia risk D Ding Fudan University, Shanghai
Illiteracy, gender, and dementia risk DJ Oh Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Seoul
Physical activity, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive outcomes B Tari University of Oxford, UK

In Development

Project aim Lead Affiliation
Grip strength and cognition YH Su National Taiwan University
Olfactory function, sleep quality and cognitive impairment RQR Shi National Taiwan University
Pet ownership, social health and cognition S Samtani UNSW, Sydney

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