COSMIC Studies

CHeBA Consortia - COSMIC
Cohort Studies of Memory in an International Consortium: An international consortium to combine data from population-based longitudinal cohorts studies to identify common risk factors for dementia and cognitive decline.

Member Studies: Contact Details & Summaries

Africa and the Middle East

  1. Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) Program
  2. Epidemiology of Dementia in Central Africa (EPIDEMCA)
  3. Identification and Intervention for Dementia in Elderly Africans (IDEA) Study
  4. Ibadan Study of Ageing
  5. Indianapolis Ibadan Dementia Project


  1. Atma Jaya Cognitive & Aging Research (ACtive Aging Research)
  2. Chinese Longitudinal Aging Study (CLAS)
  3. Hisayama Study
  4. Hong Kong Memory and Ageing Prospective Study (HK-MAPS)
  5. I-Lan Longitudinal Aging Study (ILAS)
  6. Korean Longitudinal Study on Cognitive Aging and Dementia (KLOSCAD)
  7. Kurihara Project
  8. LRGS TUA: Neuroprotective Model for Healthy Longevity among Malaysian Older Adults
  9. Marikina Memory and Aging Project (MMAP)
  10. MYNAH (MYsore studies of Natal effects on Ageing  and Health)
  11. Sasaguri Genkimon Study (SGS)
  12. Shanghai Aging Study
  13. Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies (SLAS I & II)
  14. Tajiri Project


  1. Personality and Total Health (PATH) Through Life Project
  2. Sydney Memory and Ageing Study (Sydney MAS)


  1. Cognitive Function & Ageing Studies (CFAS)
  2. Etude Santé Psychologique Prévalence Risques et Traitement (ESPRIT)
  3. Faroese Septuagenarians Cohort
  4. Gothenburg H70 Birth Cohort Studies (H70)
  5. Hellenic Longitudinal Investigation of Aging and Diet (HELIAD)
  6. Invecchiamento Cerebrale in Abbiategrasso (Invece.Ab)
  7. Leiden 85-plus Study
  8. Leipzig Longitudinal Study of the Aged (LEILA75+)
  9. Maastricht Ageing Study (MAAS)
  10. ZARADEMP Project (ZARAgoza DEMentia DEPression Project)

North America

  1. Canadian Study of Health and Aging (CSHA)
  2. Einstein Aging Study (EAS)
  3. Monongahela Valley Independent Elders Survey (MoVIES)
  4. Monongahela-Youghiogheny Healthy Aging Team (MYHAT)
  5. Sacramento Area Latino Study on Aging (SALSA)
  6. Washington Heights Inwood and Columbia Aging Project (WHICAP)

South and Latin America

  1. The Atahualpa Project
  2. Bambui Cohort Study of Aging (BCSA)
  3. Cuban Health and Alzheimer Study (CHAS)
  4. Puerto Rican Elderly: Health Conditions study (PREHCO)
  5. São Paulo Ageing & Health Study (SPAH)

Provisional Members

  1. Framingham Heart Study (FHS)
  2. Mayo Clinic Study of Aging (MCSA)