Protocols for Publications Using COSMIC Data

COSMIC Authorship and Publication Protocols

Papers prepared by COSMIC project workgroups should adhere to the following:

  1. Workgroup investigators should be the first and last authors.
  2. Co-authors from each contributing study should be included (up to 3 per study), grouped in alphabetical order of the contributing study names.
  3. The head of COSMIC (Perminder S. Sachdev) and COSMIC study co-ordinator (Darren M. Lipnicki) should be included as co-authors.
  4. Changes to the order of authors because of direct contributions like analyses or writing can be recommended by the first/last authors, and must be approved by all co-authors prior to submission. 
  5. The line “for Cohort Studies of Memory in an International Consortium (COSMIC)” should be included after the last author.     
  6. All authors must be invited to review the manuscript and give their approval prior to submission.    
  7. Papers must include the funding information for COSMIC, as well as acknowledgements that cover COSMIC management, study leaders and grant investigators (up-to-date information on these will be provided when the manuscript is initially reviewed by COSMIC).