Neuroepidemiology of cognitive impairment in adults from marginal urban areas: a door-to-door population study in the Puente Piedra district, Lima, Perú

Principal Investigator

Nilton Custodio
Peruvian Institute of Neurosciences

Data Contact

Juan J. Llibre Rodriguez


Setting: Puente Piedra, Lima, Perú
Start Date: 2022
End Date: -
Participants: 1414 adults aged >30 years at baseline
Assessment Schedule:

August-September 2022: pilot study

October 2022-Juy 2023: multi-stage recruitment

Measures: (1) Home environment: carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (NO2) and volatile organic compounds; (2) Social Determinants of Brain Health Questionnaire (SDOBH-Q); (3) Medical and behavioral history; (4) Neurocognitive health: subject cognitive decline and cognitive performance (ACE-III or RUDAS-PE); (5) Pfeffer Functional Activities Questionnaire (mPFAQ).

Further Information: