Principal Investigator

Professor Linda Chiu Wa LAM
Department of Psychiatry,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong SAR, China

Data Contact

Dr. Candy Ho Yan WONG


Setting: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China
Start Date: 2005–2006
End Date: Ongoing
Participants: 787 individuals aged 60 years and above
Assessment Schedule: Schedule: 2 to 3–year intervals
Measures: (1) Neuropsychiatric assessments assessing dementia, MCI and cognitive decline; (2) Broad range of sociodemographic, lifestyle, and cardiovascular, physical and mental health factors; (3) Memory and cognitive evaluation; (4) Subgroups with blood samples and genotyping; (5) Subgroups with MRI scans (functional).

Further Information

  • Wong et al.Cognitive predictors for five-year conversion to dementia in community dwelling Chinese older adults. Int Psychogeriatr 2013