White Matter Connections and Memory: The STRATEGIC Study

Principal Investigator

Professor Michael O’Sullivan
UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Building 71/918, Royal Brisbane Hospital Campus
Herston, 4029, QLD, Australia


Country UK
Principal Investigator Michael O'Sullivan
Key publication/reference  
Years in which study conducted 2013-2019
Size 179
Population: Hospital/community Hospital
Selection:  Consecutive/random
Admit with previous stroke? No
Admit with TIA? No
Age range 50-90
Number of centres 5 recruitment sites
Control group: number, population, selection 32, local volunteers contacted via ageing research database
Initial assessment On admission. Verification of inclusion and exclusion criteria, verification of capacity to consent, written informed consent
First detailed assessment Approx. 30 days:
History, including cardiovascular risk factors. IQCODE, MoCA, NART-R, free and cued selective reminding task (FCSRT), trails, digit symbol substitution task, digit span. Blood samples taken for biobank.
Follow-ups 30-90 days, subset of eligible and consenting participants: MRI, paired associate learning (PAL; with and without interference), face recognition, process dissociation procedure (PDP), geriatric depression scale, letter and category fluency, Pyramids & Palm Trees, Door & People, Autobiographical Memory Interview, Corsi, serial reaction time, Stroop, Iowa gambling task.
Approx. one year:
MoCA, FCSRT, digit span.
Participants in in-depth study only: PAL, PDP
Stroke-related data Date of onset. Hemisphere. Size. Arterial territory
Functional tests/data None
Other medical tests/data Height, weight, blood pressure
Neuropsychological tests  
MRI scans, when and how many One session at 30-90 days:
High resolution T1 MPRAGE
DWI (60 directions, 2 mm cubic voxels)
Resting fMRI (6 min)
2 x ASL with TI of 1525 and 2525 msec
Time of flight & SWAN
PET scans Yes subset of 6 patients and 5 controls
Psychiatric exams History of major psychiatric illness was an exclusion criterion
Dementia diagnosis criteria Based on medical notes
Intervention trialled? No