The HKU Stroke Cohort

Principal Investigator

Dr Gary Kui Kai Lau
Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine
Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong


Country Hong Kong
Principal Investigator Dr Gary Kui Kai Lau
Contact person (email)
Key publication/reference Lau et al. Total small vessel disease score and risk of recurrent stroke: validation in 2 large cohorts. Neurology 2017 Jun 13;88(24):2260-2267.
Years in which study conducted Since 2008
Size ~1000 subjects from 2008-2015 with baseline and follow-up assessments, all with MRI with markers of SVD characterised 
Population: Hospital
Selection:  Consecutive
Admit with previous stroke? Yes
Admit with TIA? Yes
Age range (minimum - maximum, or inclusion criteria e.g. 40+) 18+
Number of centres 1
Control group: number, population, selection -
Initial: Time and data collected/tests administered Baseline medical data
First detailed assessment 2008
Follow-ups Every 3-6 months according to clinical need ~3-4 year follow-up data available for cohort from 2008-2015
Stroke-related data -
Functional tests/data mRS at 1 year after stroke onset for cohort from 2008-2015 
Other medical tests/data Blood tests
Neuropsychological tests Serial MOCA and cognitive assessments included since 2018
MRI scans, when and how many 2008 – 2015: ~1000 MRI scans analysed in detail
PET scans No
Psychiatric exams Pending
Dementia diagnosis criteria VASCOG
Intervention trialled? No