South London Stroke Register (SLSR)

Principal Investigator

Dr Abdel Douiri
Senior Lecturer, Primary Care & Public Health Sciences
King's College London
London, UK


Country UK
Principal Investigator Dr Abdel Douiri
Contact person (email)
Key publication/reference Wolfe CD, et al. PLoS Med 2011;8(5):e1001033
Douiri A, et al. Stroke 2013;44(1):138-45
Years in which study conducted 1995-present (2017, ongoing register)
Sample size Over 6000
Population: Hospital/community Community
Selection: consecutive/random Consecutive
Admit with previous stroke? Yes
Admit with TIA? No
Age range All ages
Number of centres Patients living in Lambeth and Southwark, inner city South London. At the 2011 census, denominator population was 357, 308.
Control group: number, population, selection Population-based register
Initial: Time and data collected/tests administered Within first week/onset: MedHx, function, VRF, NIHSS, MMSE/AMT, management.
First detailed assessment Within first week: as above
Subsequent (follow-ups) 3m, and yearly thereafter: MMSE/AMT, HAD, BI, FAI, QoL, social network, management
Stroke-related data NIHSS; GCS
Functional tests/data ADL, IADL
Neuropsychological tests Test battery
Genetics data NA
Other medical tests/data Blood test
MRI scans, when and how many Stroke onset
PET scans No
Psychiatric exams/diagnoses Depression and anxiety (HAD)
Dementia diagnosis criteria Dementia (DSM-IV)
Intervention trialled? No

CT=computed tomography scan, MedHx=medical history, VRF=vascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, obesity, smoking etc.), TIA=transient ischemic attack, m=month, y=year