North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS)

Principal Investigators

Velandai Srikanth, Amanda Thrift, Geoffrey Doonan
Contact: Velandai Srikanth
Dept. of Medicine,
School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health,
Monash University,
Level 5, Block E, 246 Clayton Road,
Clayton, Melbourne, Vic 3168, Australia.


Country Australia
Principal Investigators Velandai Srikanth, Amanda Thrift, Geoffrey Donnan
Contact person (email)
Key publication/reference Srikanth et al. Stroke 2003;34:1136-43
Srikanth et al. Neurology 2005;64:932-3
Srikanth et al. Stroke 2006;37:2479-83
Years in which study conducted 1998-2003
Size 99
Population: Hospital/community Community
Selection: consecutive/random Consecutive
Admit with previous stroke? Yes
Admit with TIA? No
Age range ≤34 to ≥85
Number of centres Multiple
Control group: number, population, selection 99 cases; 99 neighbourhood age and sex matched controls
Initial: Time and data collected/tests administered MedHx, VRF, function, IQCODE, mood
Detailed 3m: NΨ
Subsequent (follow-ups) 1y, 2y: NΨ
Stroke-related data NIHSS
Functional tests/data London Handicap Scale, Barthel Index
Other medical tests/data None
Neuropsychological tests Test  battery
MRI scans, when and how many Very few
PET scans No
Psychiatric exams/diagnoses Dementia (DSM-IV), CIND, Mood impairment (Irritability, Depression and Anxiety Scale)
Intervention trialled? No

CT=computed tomography scan, MedHx=medical history, VRF=vascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, obesity, smoking etc.), NΨ=neuropsychological, TIA=transient ischemic attack, m=month, y=year