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3 Jun 2019

24 Hour Extreme Challenge for CHeBA

HEIDI DOUGLASS | This week at CHeBA we are Team Dr Claire Burley; an adventure-addicted scientist who is passionate about raising awareness of dementia and other brain health related conditions. At midday on Saturday, 8th June, Dr Burley will begin 24 hours of pushing her body to extreme limits in the OCRWC Enduro (Obstacle Course Racing World Championships) in Sydney, Australia. Her goal with this event is to raise money for CHeBA while promoting evidence-based awareness that physical activity has a direct and positive impact on brain health. “I have several… Read More
1 Dec 2015

Volunteers Help Spread Message to Wipeout Dementia®

KATE CROSBIE and HEIDI DOUGLASS | Since the official launch of CHeBA in 2012, dynamic husband and wife duo Tiffany and Chris Jessop have generously supported us every step of the way. In a jump from volunteer supporter to competitor and fundraiser, Chris Jessop recently participated in CHeBA’s Wipeout Dementia® campaign – a four week gruelling strength for surfing program culminating in a Surf Off contest between three teams on 28 November 2015 – and raised a sensational $5,500 for The Dementia Momentum® in the process. Tiffany is the Project Coordinator on the HALT… Read More
18 Sep 2013

Running for Healthy Brain Ageing

PROFESSOR HENRY BRODATY, MD, PhD This article was originally published in the August edition of Montefiore LIFE Magazine. When I first started working as a doctor in 1970, Alzheimer's disease was thought of as a rare disease only affecting people under the age of 65 years.  No-one was much interested in older people with brain disease or mental illness and they were all lumped together under a diagnosis of senile psychosis or senile dementia.  Hasn't the world changed!  No-one had heard of Alzheimer's disease 40 years ago.  Now it is a household word and what people fear most (along with… Read More