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30 May 2016

Wipeout Dementia® 2016 Exceeds Fundraising Target

HEIDI DOUGLASS | Twenty of Sydney’s corporate surfers, led by Ambassador Richard Grellman AM, combined forces to raise awareness around the modifiable lifestyle factors for improving brain health, as part of the third Wipeout Dementia® campaign. The gruelling four-week strength for surfing training course culminated in a Surf Off on Saturday, where participants demonstrated their newly honed skills while raising funds for The Dementia Momentum®, an initiative of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA). The latest campaign – with major sponsors Morgans and… Read More
19 May 2016

Morgans Strengthens Partnership to Gold Member

Morgans Strengthens Partnership to Gold Member
Mark Gross, Executive Director at Morgans and competitor in the November 2015 Wipeout Dementia® campaign.
KATE CROSBIE and HEIDI DOUGLASS | Morgans Foundation has continued its outstanding record of support of The Dementia Momentum®, recognised through an upgrade from Bronze to Gold membership in April 2016. To date, Morgans Foundation has committed in excess of $50,000 to CHeBA’s initiative through a combination of direct donations, event sponsorship and longer term funding commitments. Morgans Foundation first supported The Dementia Momentum® by sponsoring Spokesman Richard Grellman AM in the inaugural Wipeout Dementia® campaign in May 2015.  Following this event Mark… Read More

The Dementia Momentum®: 1 Year On

This article was originally published in MJA Insight. We’re using big data to identify universal and demographic-specific risk and protective factors for dementia, write Henry Brodaty and Perminder Sachdev… LAST month marked the first anniversary of The Dementia Momentum®, an initiative of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) at the University of New South Wales.  The main objective of the initiative is to bring CHeBA’s “big data” approach to bear upon the epidemiology of dementia. At the same time, it aims to raise community awareness about the challenge of dementia, and presents… Read More

Colliers International Residential First Silver Member of The Dementia Momentum®

KATE CROSBIE and HEIDI DOUGLASS | Following his incredible display of support as competitor in the inaugural Wipeout Dementia® campaign in May, Managing Director of Colliers International Residential, Peter Chittenden, arranged for Colliers to become the first Silver Member of The Dementia Momentum®. Colliers’ $30,000 donation came in the wake of Mr Chittenden’s personal fundraising achievement of over $7,500 in the May event.  Drawing on his positive experience, Mr Chittenden gave an inspiring presentation at the Wipeout Dementia® cocktail event hosted by AMP… Read More
1 Dec 2015

Volunteers Help Spread Message to Wipeout Dementia®

KATE CROSBIE and HEIDI DOUGLASS | Since the official launch of CHeBA in 2012, dynamic husband and wife duo Tiffany and Chris Jessop have generously supported us every step of the way. In a jump from volunteer supporter to competitor and fundraiser, Chris Jessop recently participated in CHeBA’s Wipeout Dementia® campaign – a four week gruelling strength for surfing program culminating in a Surf Off contest between three teams on 28 November 2015 – and raised a sensational $5,500 for The Dementia Momentum® in the process. Tiffany is the Project Coordinator on the HALT… Read More
15 Sep 2015

Watson Mangioni Lawyers help Wipeout Dementia®

HEIDI DOUGLASS | One of the fundraising highlights of the year for The Dementia Momentum® was the launch of the Wipeout Dementia® campaign; a four week strength for surfing training program culminating in a Surf Off tournament between corporate competitors. Spokesman for The Dementia Momentum®, Richard Grellman AM, said the event was an extraordinary success and credited the participants for their dedication to raising awareness and for their fundraising efforts. The four week event, sponsored by Watson Mangioni Lawyers, is in honour of Richard Grellman’s wife… Read More