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18 Sep 2013

Running for Healthy Brain Ageing

PROFESSOR HENRY BRODATY, MD, PhD This article was originally published in the August edition of Montefiore LIFE Magazine. When I first started working as a doctor in 1970, Alzheimer's disease was thought of as a rare disease only affecting people under the age of 65 years.  No-one was much interested in older people with brain disease or mental illness and they were all lumped together under a diagnosis of senile psychosis or senile dementia.  Hasn't the world changed!  No-one had heard of Alzheimer's disease 40 years ago.  Now it is a household word and what people fear most (along with… Read More

A New Direction in Positive Ageing

HEIDI DOUGLASS | It's official. Centenarians are the fastest growing demographic in Australia, which means that the likelihood of living to 100 and beyond is increasing exponentially. Today, females born in a Western country have a 40% chance of reaching 100. And the odds are increasing. Much of this is, of course, down to advances in medical science and its ability to keep our bodies functioning far longer than that of our predecessors.....but what about our brains? With an ageing population comes a myriad of implications, good and bad. Positively, we get to live… Read More