Volunteers Help Spread Message to Wipeout Dementia®

01 Dec 2015

CHeBA Blog: Volunteers Help Spread Message to Wipeout Dementia®

KATE CROSBIE and HEIDI DOUGLASS | h.douglass@unsw.edu.au

Since the official launch of CHeBA in 2012, dynamic husband and wife duo Tiffany and Chris Jessop have generously supported us every step of the way. In a jump from volunteer supporter to competitor and fundraiser, Chris Jessop recently participated in CHeBA’s Wipeout Dementia® campaign – a four week gruelling strength for surfing program culminating in a Surf Off contest between three teams on 28 November 2015 – and raised a sensational $5,500 for The Dementia Momentum® in the process.

Tiffany is the Project Coordinator on the HALT Study with CHeBA’s partner the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration.

Helping CHeBA to increase community awareness around dementia and improving brain health has been a major motivator for both Chris and Tiffany.

“CHeBA’s research about the steps we can take to improve and protect our brain health is encouraging,” said Chris. “I’ve been happy to support CHeBA’s efforts to spread this message to the community, in whatever way I can, over the years.”

Tiffany said that she was proud of her husband’s achievements in Wipeout Dementia® and that together they have been able to support CHeBA as volunteers over three years.

CHeBA Co-Directors Professors Perminder Sachdev and Henry Brodaty said the support of volunteers like Tiffany and Chris has been vital to the continued success of CHeBA’s endeavours.

“CHeBA’s work has always strongly emphasised implementation and translational research to ensure our findings achieve real benefits for the community, including lasting social change around dementia incidence. Volunteers like the Jessops not only help us to get important research messages to the community through outreach and awareness campaigns, they also show how community support can help us to continue this work.”

The Co-Directors extended their gratitude to all of the CHeBA volunteers, who helped to ensure the success of Wipeout Dementia®.