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26 May 2020

Dr Vibeke Catts | Meet Our Researcher Series

Twin research provides important clues to understanding cognitive decline in older adults and assists in the development of public health intervention strategies. Dr Vibeke Catts, Study Coordinator of CHeBA’s Older Australian Twins Study hopes to identify genetic changes between twins to identify the biological pathways for diseases such as dementia. This particular longitudinal study has brought together geneticists and researchers in neurospsychiatry of the elderly to examine key issues in cognitive ageing and dementia.    How did you get into researching the ageing brain? My former… Read More
19 Feb 2019

Turning the Wheels – Cycling Without Age

DR VIBEKE CATTS and HEIDI DOUGLASS | CHeBA’s Older Australian Twins Study Co-ordinator, Dr Vibeke Catts, has joined over 13,000 Cycling Without Age volunteers world-wide in piloting purpose-built trishaws, which provide seniors the opportunity to get into the outdoors and (again) experience wind in their hair.  A generous private donation to Montefiore Randwick provided the funds to purchase a trishaw. Throughout 2018, Mr Adrian Boss from BIKEast worked alongside Montefiore’s Leisure & Lifestyle and Volunteers departments to train volunteer pilots and get the… Read More