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19 Jun 2020

Tiffany Chau | Meet Our Researcher Series

CHeBA’s Maintain Your Brain trial aims to target and mitigate risk factors for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using e-health interventions. It is the largest clinical trial of its kind. If the onset of these diseases can be postponed by at least two years, incidence would be reduced by 20% and these numbers increase rapidly as years of delay is extended. Research Assistant Tiffany Chau hopes Maintain Your Brain can help achieve reduced prevalence rates and enhance cognitive health in older age.   How did you first get into researching the ageing brain? I studied a Bachelor of… Read More
19 Jun 2020

Dr Adam Bentvelzen | Meet Our Researcher Series

The context of healthcare has certainly shifted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is now a huge demand for flexibility when it comes to accessing practitioners and treatment. Dr Adam Bentvelzen is pioneering the way for alternative avenues of accessibility to healthcare services, particularly phone-based cognitive screening. He has been investigating this as a means of assessing patients with possible dementia who are geographically isolated or physically limited. This method has been successfully implemented for over ten years with participants in CHeBA’s Sydney Memory and Ageing… Read More
19 Jun 2020

Dr Suraj Samtani | Meet Our Researcher Series

CHeBA is concerned with the big picture; achieving successful healthy ageing for all. The Centre’s international collaborative efforts present an opportunity for researchers to investigate these interests on a global scale which has exciting implications. For Dr Suraj Samtani, this brings him one step closer to understanding the implications of social interaction as a protective factor against dementia and cognitive decline.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? I have always wanted to have a direct positive impact on people’s lives. This interest led me to complete a… Read More
11 Jun 2020

Dr Ben Lam | Meet Our Researcher Series

Cross-cultural differences, particularly in regard to older persons and their care, has produced diverse effects for dementia patients. Dr Ben Lam’s career experience abroad, particularly in Hong Kong, highlighted that cultures in which familial care of the elderly is the norm may have a positive effect on their social relationships and by extension their cognitive health. Working at CHeBA has given Dr Lam the opportunity to work alongside dementia clinicians and gain further insight into the day-to-day experience of patients affected by neurodegenerative disease.   How did you get into… Read More
6 Jun 2020

Russell Chander | Meet Our Researcher Series

There is a large body of evidence to suggest that our ability to socialise and maintain positive relationships throughout the lifespan is affected by, and can have an effect on, ageing. Becoming part of an international collaborative effort to better understand the impact of social skills in later life on cognitive decline and dementia is what motivates Russell Chander; PhD student at CHeBA.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? I became aware of a Research Assistant job through a friend from university that was working at a Neurology clinic. This would be the first job I… Read More
6 Jun 2020

Min Yee Ong | Meet Our Researcher Series

Having worked with both extremes of the lifespan, childhood and old age, Min Yee highlights we are all not really that different. Although we age, human behaviours and interactions are very similar throughout our lifetimes. Deconstructing harmful terms such as ‘worried well’ and focusing on the importance of subjective cognitive complaints in predicting decline is what motivates her strong contributions to CHeBA’s CogSCAN Study.    How did you get into researching the ageing brain? I am originally from Singapore and studied a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Initially, I wanted to go into… Read More
6 Jun 2020

Dr Nady Braidy | Meet Our Researcher Series

When we consider frontline health care, we often forget the role that research plays in guiding the practice and tools available to clinicians and carers. CHeBA’s researchers are on the cusp of the latest findings regarding healthy brain ageing, with long-term impact as a primary motivator. Dr Nady Braidy shares his drive to create longstanding impact by translating research into practice.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? I started with a Bachelor of Medical Science. My aim was to get into medicine. I was majoring in Pharmacology and Physiology, and my first project… Read More
6 Jun 2020

Dr Jiyang Jiang | Meet Our Researcher Series

Participants in CHeBA’s Sydney Centenarian Study represent a significant piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding successful ageing. Dr Jiyang Jiang hopes to utilise MRI imaging to account for differences in cognition found in healthy centenarians to develop early intervention targets for individuals at risk for cognitive decline. The wealth of hidden information found in MRI scans drew Dr Jiang to the field of neuroimaging.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? Following my completion of a Bachelor of Engineering in China, I came to Australia to study a Master of… Read More
26 May 2020

Dr Anne-Nicole Casey | Meet Our Researcher Series

Providing individuals and policymakers with valid information regarding the impact social relationships have on successful ageing is the ultimate hope Dr Anne-Nicole Casey has for her research. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that maintaining positive social relationships, particularly during challenging periods like the current global pandemic, can help to support cognitive and emotional well-being. According to Dr Casey it is our family and friends that sustain us; a sentiment that would resonate strongly with the community at this time and remains applicable despite physical… Read More
26 May 2020

Dr Matt Paradise | Meet Our Researcher Series

Dr Matt Paradise’s dual role as both clinician and researcher has developed his unique understanding of the dementia experience. More than ever, it is essential that practitioners have the best diagnostic tools and Dr Paradise intends to forge this reality.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? While undertaking my psychiatric training, I took on a term in old age psychiatry. I worked with an inspirational Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Professor Gill Livingston, who became my mentor. Following the clinical term, I was lucky enough to have a full-time research job with… Read More