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10 Jul 2017

CHeBA Champion’s Double Ironman for Dementia

KATE CROSBIE CHeBA Champion Warren King has continued his outstanding efforts as a fitness ambassador for the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing by competing in two Ironman 70.3km events in two months to raise dementia awareness and funds for research into healthy brain ageing. Following the Port Macquarie Ironman on May 7, Warren competed in Hawaii on June 3. As well as a desire to protect his own brain health in later life, Warren is inspired by the experience of friends who have been affected by the disease. “I have two very good friends whose fathers are both suffering with dementia so I… Read More
17 Dec 2014

CHeBA Champion’s Ironman Challenge

HEIDI DOUGLASS | CHeBA Champion Warren King has a gruelling training regime for the 2015 Asia Pacific Ironman, an event at which he hopes to raise public awareness and money for dementia research. Since becoming a CHeBA Champion in 2013, Warren has fundraised for dementia research at a number of events, but the Asia Pacific Ironman on March 22 will be his biggest challenge yet. Warren began triathlon training in 2012, at which point he says he was “a terrible swimmer, hadn’t ridden a bike in years and was an occasional runner”. A family history of Alzheimer’s disease… Read More
30 Jun 2014

Climb For a Cause

CHeBA Blog: Climb For a Cause
CHeBA Champion, Stephanie Campbell with her grandparents
STEPHANIE CAMPBELL, CHeBA CHAMPION A few months ago something happened to me that would change my life forever. It was Sunday morning, March 16 and I was about to complete my 57th solo skydive. Gazing out onto the vista 14,000ft below, my fingers felt stiff and numb on the cool metalwork of the plane door as I steadied myself in preparation for my next move. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, filling my lungs with the icy, fast-moving air, and then leapt out into the void. I didn't know it then, but in five minutes' time I would be fighting for my life on the ground. In a horrifying… Read More
20 Jan 2014

Exercising the Mind

CHeBA Blog: Exercising the Mind
CHeBA Champion, Stephanie Campbell with her grandparents
STEPHANIE CAMPBELL, CHeBA CHAMPION (FITNESS AMBASSADOR FOR CHeBA) I’m jogging up a ridiculously steep street in Sydney’s leafy, bayside suburb of Mosman. My knees ache, my quads are burning, and my lungs hurt from straining for air. No point pretending – I hate uphill. Forehead glistening with sweat, I grit my teeth and finally reach the crest, attempting to breathe through a massive stitch in my side as I take the pace back down to a steady walk to recover. The oversized Garmin fitness watch strapped to my left wrist bleeps encouragingly at me to signal I’ve covered another kilometre, and… Read More