Developing Biomarkers for Vascular Cognitive Impairment (VCI)


This project aims to develop novel imaging biomarkers of early cerebrovascular alterations in VCI, and examine how they relate to brain vascular lesions, cognition (including dementia), blood biomarkers of vascular disease, and vascular risk factors. 

Study objectives: 

  1. To examine the ability of novel imaging biomarkers (cerebral blood flow (CBF), blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeability, and cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR)) to discriminate between diagnostic groups (healthy vs. diseased (i.e., vascular mild cognitive impairment and Vascular Dementia). 
  2. To examine the relationship of CBF, BBB permeability, and CVR with small vessel disease lesions on MRI (white matter hyperintensities, cerebral microbleeds, dilated perivascular spaces, lacunes) and their progression.
  3. To examine the relationship of global and regional CBF, BBB permeability, and CVR with neuropsychological test scores. 

The VCI study is actively recruiting participants (aged 50-80 years old) who:

  1. Have Vascular Dementia,
  2. Have Vascular Mild Cognitive Impairment, or
  3. Are healthy without cognitive impairment.


If you’re interested in participating in this study, please contact the research team at

Research Personnel 

  • Professor Perminder Sachdev
  • Dr Russell Chander
  • Dr Jiyang Jiang
  • Dr Vibeke Catts
  • Dr Claudia Hillenbrand
  • Dr Karen Mather
  • Dr Anne Poljak
  • Dr Satoshi Hosoki
  • Associate Professor Wei Wen
  • Dr Anbupalam Thalamuthu
  • Dr Matthew Paradise
  • Dr Sumangali Gobhidharan
  • Dr Adith Mohan
  • Dr Ralf Loeffler
  • Dr Tharusha Jayasena