Computerised Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Test (C-STAM)


Study volunteers needed

We are developing a new, computerised diagnostic tool to assess functional ability in older people. The tool will help clinicians detect early cognitive changes that may be associated with dementia. 

Who is eligible?

We are looking for study participants with and without a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or dementia to help us test the C-STAM. You will be eligible for the study if you are:

  • Aged 60 years or above
  • Living in Sydney
  • Able to understand, read and write in English without an interpreter
  • Have a family member or close friend who will also participate in this study

What is involved?

  • Telephone screening
  • Questionnaires (can be online or on paper)
  • In-person assessment of daily functioning (at UNSW Sydney or at home)
  • Someone who knows you well completing a telephone screening and questionnaire about your ability to complete daily activities

For more information and to register your interest 

Visit the website:


Phone: 9348 1031 or 9348 1905