Corbett calls for focus on dementia

image - Roger Corbett

Roger Corbett AO is Chairman of the CHeBA Advisory Committee.

"It [Alzheimer's] will be one of the big burdens on Western civilisation," said Mr Corbett, who chairs the CHeBA Advisory Committee and is also a chairman of Fairfax Media, the publisher of The Australian Financial Review and a Reserve Bank board member. 

"Our bodies live longer but out minds fail to keep pace.  The numbers of people who will need significant amount of care at the end of their life is growing with a very substantial impact on the public purse.  Anything you can do to prolong your effective life, and peoples' brains in line with the prolonging of the life of their bodies is going to be a worthwhile thing," he said. 

A growing ageing population means dementia is a substantial challenge to health, aged care and social policy. 

Article by Carrie LaFrenz published in The Australian Financial Review 2 April 2013. 

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 3 April 2013
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