The Dementia Momentum

The Dementia Momentum is a movement to bring researchers and the corporate and philanthropic community together to change the future of dementia incidence. 

Corporate and strategic leader Richard Grellman AM is the spokesman for this initiative, which we hope inspires you to invest in positive change.

Updates on progress of The Dementia Momentum are released quarterly.

What is The Dementia Momentum?

The challenges of dementia are enormous and confronting. Fresh (epidemiological and clinical trial) findings provide more evidence that it is possible to delay the onset of dementia and provide a strong argument for large scale investment to prevent dementia. CHeBA's research aims to determine which risk and protective factors for Alzheimer's disease and other dementias are universal. The Dementia Momentum seeks to increase the dialogue with the community about this disease and give an opportunity for philanthropists and corporates to invest firmly in social change by advancing the large-scale, "big data" research being conducted at CHeBA.

Our goal is to drive momentum in awareness, research and societal change for a brighter future.

Why Big Data Research?

The best method to investigate the determinants of healthy ageing is to examine cohorts of individuals as they grow old. At CHeBA, this has been done by establishing four ageing cohorts: the Sydney Memory and Ageing Study (MAS), the Sydney Stroke Study (SSS), the Older Australian Twins Study (OATS) and the Sydney Centenarian Study (SCS). These studies have provided many insights into ageing and dementia.

CHeBA researchers wish to take this line of investigation to the next level by making it international. Many research groups from around the world conduct cohort studies, but often in isolation. Whilst many hypotheses can be explored in individual cohorts, the statistical power of the consortia led by CHeBA (which all have very large sample sizes: n>50,000 for COSMIC, n>7000 for STROKOG and n>5000 for ICC-Dementia) will produce more robust statistical models involving multiple risk factors, and more precise estimates for potential factors with small effect size (e.g. olfactory acuity, grip strength, FEV1, motor speed, nutritional factors) than can be reliably obtained in individual cohort studies. The pooling of data will also allow the statistical testing of observed differences between studies or groups of studies. In particular, relationships between variables (which often interact with each other, producing complex relationships) can be further analysed. Additionally, we have the unique capability to establish whether risk factors identified in one cohort are replicated in cohorts from different ethnic-cultural groups in diverse geographical locations. This is generally the basis for the acceptance of a finding in the scientific literature, i.e. the same result is seen in a different sample using the same methodology.

Running large-scale statistical analyses means we are better able to identify groups at risk and implement early intervention strategies to delay, ameliorate or stop the progression of dementia.

There is emerging evidence from our work that risk factors may differ according to age, sex, ethnic group and profile of cognitive impairment; the large numbers in the cohorts will help us look at these factors individually. This may provide novel insights into disease mechanisms and will also inform us what factors should be targeted in prevention programs for particular population groups. Moreover, if a finding in one study is not replicated in another study in a different setting, the reasons for non-replication can be explored by the consortia, a powerful strategy for new discovery.

In general, individual studies limit the outcome measures of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) pathology (amyloid imaging and neuropathology) to smaller subgroups; again, this justifies the need for pooling data to increase statistical power so that the consistency (or heterogeneity) of results can be adequately examined.

Taking this approach in research is expensive. As such, donations are crucial for increasing research output and developing sustained, long-term impact that helps to prevent dementia and its causes.

The consortia need infrastructural support and a number of junior researchers to coordinate the data gathering, harmonisation and analyses. CHeBA is seeking philanthropic members of the community who wish to be a part of this Momentum.

To change the future of dementia, our goal is to raise $10 million over 5 years to drastically advance our world-leading cognitive ageing research.

Thank you for investing in positive change.

For more information, please contact Heidi Douglass on or (02) 9382 3398.

image - Richard Grellman AMSpokesman Mr Richard Grellman AM

The reality of dementia

My wife Suellen has advanced early onset Alzheimer’s disease (EOAD) having been formally diagnosed in 2011 aged just 61. She has been in Residential Care since early 2014 and requires constant high levels of care and support. For me, our children, her family and our close friends, we have had to learn to walk this journey with Suellen, all sharing the desolate sense of helplessness, frustration and sadness that comes with knowing that there is currently no known cure.

Any advances in understanding the causes, preventative measures, treatment and care can start the process of confronting this terrible disease and hopefully reduce the number of families that have to endure what Suellen and we are experiencing. The Dementia Momentum is a bold attempt to bring the right researchers and corporate donors together to materially increase the pace of clear, clever and relevant work in confronting this disease.

I am delighted to commend this initiative and encourage you to do what you can to assist.

image - Friends of The Dementia Momentum
Richard Grellman AM
Chairman, IPH Ltd & AMP Foundation

image - The Dementia Momentum     image - The Dementia Momentum


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Mr Richard Grellman AM
Chairman, IPH Ltd

Richard's wife Suellen has advanced young onset Alzheimer's disease

Members of The Dementia Momentum

Diamond Members - $500,000+
John Holden Family Foundation
Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
Platinum Members - $100,000+
Mr Phillip Cave AM & Judy Harris (Founding Members)
Sachdev Foundation
The Yulgilbar Foundation
Gold Members - $50,000+
Mr Peter & Mrs Yvonne Halas
Henroth Investments Pty Ltd (Founding Member)
Silver Members - $25,000+
Roger & Merrilyn Layton
Bronze Members - $10,000+
Mrs Keri Chittenden
Mrs Sue Edwards
Mrs Jan Surnicky
Mr Paul Cave AM & Mrs Carol Cave
Teal Members - $5,000+
The AMP Foundation (Founding Member)
Mrs Ann & Mr John Cunningham
Mrs Brenda & Mr Stephen Lennard
Ms Pamela Madafiglio (Founding Member)
The Mansfield Family

Friends of The Dementia Momentum - Donations of $500+

Abey-Perera Family Foundation
Mr Terry Agnew
Mr Tony & Mrs Katrina Anderson
Mr John Atkin
Mr Ian Bennett
Mrs Julianne Blain
Mr Andrew & Mrs Alison Blattman
Mr Andrew Bloore
Mrs Karoline & Professor Henry Brodaty AO
Mrs Barbara Brown
Ms Tanya Buchanan
Mr Paul Cave AM
Chiat Kwong Ching of Oxley Holdings
City Freeholds Pty Ltd
Dr Margaret & Dr Ian Clark
Mrs Camille & Mr Chris Clarke
Mr Peter & Mrs Belinda Clemesha
Coral Technologies Pty Ltd
R. Bruce Corlett AM
Mr Tim Crommelin
Mr Chum Darvall AM
Mr Richie Dolan
Mr Nick Douglas-Morris
Mrs Heidi & Mr Craig Douglass
Mrs Lynnette Ellerman
Mr Peter Evans
Mr Ian & Mrs Kathy Freestone
Mr Reno Gambi
Mr David Gillespie
Mrs Louise Gillespie
Mr Robert Gillespie
Mr Kym Godson
Mr Peter Granger
Mr Brian Greig
Mr David & Mrs Penny Griffith
Mr Mark Gross
Mrs Dale & Mr John Harkness
Mr Robert Hartman
Mr Matthew Hayson
Dr R.O. Hellyer
Mrs Kelly Hobbs
Mr John Hughes
Mr Mark & Mrs Sophie Hutchinson
Mr Rodney Inder
Mr Kenichi Ishiyama
Mr Brian & Mrs Susan Jackson
Mr Doug Jackson
Mr Andrew Jerogin
Mr Chris Jessop
Mr Rob Kift
Mr Guy Lake
Mr Hao Liu
Mr Jan Lech
Mr John L'Estrange
Mr David Levi
Mr Sam & Mrs Barbara Linz
Ms Robin Low
Mr Ian MacDonald
Mr Douglas MacDougal
Mr Michael Madigan
Mr Glenn Maris
Mr Peter Mason
Mr Simon Matison
Dr Robin McMurdo
Mrs Michelle & Mr Tony McGrath
Mr Robert McGregor
Mr Chris Meehan
Mrs Christine and Mr David Michaelis
Ms Nancy Milne
Mr Arthur Milner
Mr Nigel Mukhi
Mr Donovan Murphy
Mrs Reiko Murphy
Mr Derek Nelson
Mrs Colleen Nichols
Mrs Trish O'Brien
Mr Graeme Pettigrew
Mr Paul Pierlot
Dr Sally Pitkin
Mr Don & Mrs Anne Potter
Mr Douglas Potter
Mr Simon Ranson
Mrs Angela Raymond
Mr Craig Rodgers
Ms Dagmar Schmidmaier AM
Mr Ken Sheridan
Mrs Jacqueline Smith
Mr James Smith
Susan Rothwell Architects
Dr Nabeel Tahir (in honour of Grandmother, Phullan Bibi)
Ms Gayle Tollifson
Mrs Sally White OAM
Mr Sam Wicks
Mrs Ali Wood & Mr Brian Holder
Wordsearch Communications Pty Ltd
Mr David G. Young
Mr Geoff Zuber

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