Property Industry Wipeout Dementia 2022


Get ready for the biggest Wipeout Dementia event ever!

The swell is growing. On Friday, 25 March 2022 the highly anticipated Property Industry Wipeout Dementia event will hit Bondi Beach. Two years off due to COVID-19 has done nothing to slow the momentum, as we prepare for the biggest Wipeout Dementia event to date. The addition of three new teams sets the stage for an unprecedented level of competition. With their eyes locked on the championship and the highest fundraiser title, 64 surfers representing more than 50 companies across the property industry are about to begin preparations and fundraising.

Since 2017 the property industry has joined Wipeout Dementia Ambassadors Richard Grellman AM (Chairman, IPH Limited and former Chairman of ASP International) and 1978 World Surfing Champion Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew AM to give back to the community in a meaningful way by raising funds for critical dementia research.

Taking advantage of the Australian penchant for beaches and surfing, the March goal is to raise $300,000 in support of The Dementia Momentum, a CHeBA initiative to advance large-scale, big data research into prevention of dementia. For more information contact

Meet the Teams and Get on Board

Bob Jill's Rashie

Bob and Jill's Line Up

Captain: Anthony Scotts 

Clemo's Rashie

Clemo's Diehards

Captain: Peter Clemesha

Cliff's Rashie

Cliff's Carvers

Captain: Craig Rodgers

Daza's Rashie

Daza's Drop Ins

Captain: Darren Beasley

Duce Rashie

Duce's Dawn Patrol

Captain: Joel Ducey

Gordon's Rashie

Gordo's Grovelers

Captain: Michael Gordon

Phil's Rashie

Phil's Goats

Captain: Philip Vivian 

Watto's Rashie


Captain: Steve Watson