Participate in the Sydney Centenarian Study

CHeBA Longitudinal Research Study: Sydney Centenarian Study
The Sydney Centenarian Study is an ongoing project with a representative cohort of very elderly Australians, providing evidence that dementia is not inevitable. The data collected provides an excellent resource to explore genetic and environmental factors that contribute to long life and successful cognitive ageing.

The Sydney Centenarian Study is actively recruiting.


Who Can Participate?

Any individual aged 95 or above who lives within the Randwick, Waverley, Woollahra, Bayside, or Inner West local government areas are eligible to join the Sydney Centenarian Study (SCS).

If an individual aged 95+ lives outside of this area, they may participate in the study if they are able and willing to have an MRI scan (our staff will provide transport).

If an individual aged 100 or above lives outside of our catchment area they are eligible to participate in the study if they are able and willing to provide a blood sample (collected in their own home by experienced staff).

What Does Participation Involve?

If you agree to take part in the study, you will be invited to be interviewed to answer questions about your history, health, diet, memory and lifestyle. You will also be asked to participate in a short physical examination (e.g. height, weight, blood pressure). Participants are also invited to provide a blood sample and undergo brain imaging (MRI), which are both optional.


If you are aged 95 or above, or have a friend or relative who is aged 95 you can find out more information about the study by contacting:

Dr Catherine Browning
SCS Study Coordinator

T (02) 9385 0433

Many of our referrals come from nursing homes and retirement communities. If you work in an aged care facility and would like to refer someone who may be willing to participate please contact us.