Dr Steve Makkar is a postdoctoral research fellow who completed his PhD in psychology at UNSW. Steve's early research focused on the cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms underlying the persistence and extinction of fear-related memories that underlie anxiety disorders. Following attainment of his PhD, Steve went on to undertake a postdoctoral fellowship in public health at the Sax Institute, where he undertook research in knowledge translation and strategies to facilitate research transfer to public health programs and policies, particularly in relation to mental health. In this position, Steve developed psychometric measures to evaluate the use of research by public health policymakers, as well as the availability of systems and tools to facilitate knowledge translation in government agencies. As part of his fellowship, Steve was assigned to work in Washington DC to disseminate these tools to government agencies in the United States, and to provide consultation on the development and validation of similar measures, tailored to the US health policy landscape. Upon his return to Australia, Steve joined the CHeBA team as a postdoctoral research fellow and statistician, conducting statistical analyses and research studies in wide-ranging studies examining factors associated with healthy and unhealthy cognitive ageing. Steve brings a wealth of skills in multivariate data analyses, as well as the capacity to translate research results into actionable strategies to inform health policies focused on ageing.