Kids4Dementia Program

In the Kids4Dementia Program, children will have fun learning about dementia through the engaging animated story of Ollie a 9-year old boy, Ruby his 12-year-old sister, and their Pops - who they have noticed is starting to act a little differently than usual. The program also features videos of people with dementia and child relatives of people with dementia talking candidly about the condition.

The program has 7 short modules, covering topics that interest children such as:

Kids4Dementia program topics

Each module is accompanied by a class activity, such as an interactive brain, discussion, role-play or drawing.

Why is it important to get dementia education into schools?

  • A third of young people know someone living with dementia, and with 900,000 Australians expected to be living with dementia by 2050, it is likely that the majority of today's youths will come to know or meet the condition in their lifetime.
  • Two thirds of children tell us that they would like to help someone with dementia but that a lack of understanding could be holding them back, and that they are keen to know more about the condition.
  • The stigma experienced by people living with dementia is real and common. Over 55% of children believe that if people knew more about dementia life would be better for those with the condition.


For more information please contact

Heidi Douglass
Communications & Projects Officer