Rethinking Dementia Diagnostic Conversation

After receiving a diagnosis of dementia, patients and their carers describe feeling lost and overwhelmed. They report receiving insufficient information and advice about what to do next and planning for the future. Dementia diagnostic guidelines abound, but less attention has been given to post-diagnostic care. Diagnosticians, GPs and other health care practitioners can improve communication of the dementia diagnosis and use this opportunity to help set people with dementia and their carers on the right path forward.

This webinar, presented by CHeBA Co-Director Professor Henry Brodaty and chaired by Professor Lee-Fay Low of Sydney University, will help diagnosticians improve communication of the dementia diagnosis and essential care planning. It highlights four main themes – communication, compassion, hope and follow-up – and provides details of the new ‘Forward with Dementia’ program. This program includes a website and printable resources designed to guide people diagnosed with dementia and their carers in the first 12 months following diagnosis.

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