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In a bid to address the escalating number of people being diagnosed with dementia, three senior executives have pooled their skills and resources to develop Drive Out Dementia.

This campaign is an elite one day event where motoring enthusiasts have the opportunity to test their luxury vehicles on a purpose-built 5km private road in the name of dementia research.


Participants will have a qualified co-pilot assisting them to safely master the lines around this driving nirvana. As this is a private property, there is no racing or timing provided, rather the focus is on participants enjoying their cars in a closed, controlled environment with access to some great drivers. Participants will be one of only 4 other drivers on the private road at any one time.

The partnership consists of Richard Grellman AM, Chairman of IPH Limited and AMP Foundation, Phil Cave AM, Chairman of Anchorage Capital and McLaren’s former Australian Brand Ambassador and founder of Longroup, Luke O’Neill.

Richard Grellman AM, whose wife Suellen has advanced young onset Alzheimer's disease, knows first-hand just how devastating the impact of this disease is. "As the incidence continues to increase it is going to touch every Australian. The economic cost of that is going to be breathtaking. There is a big job to be done by all of us to understand the scale of this as it comes towards us and do what we can to position the country to cope with it," said Mr Grellman, who is Spokesman for The Dementia Momentum initiative.

"With Australian dementia costs set to exceed $14 billion in 2017 alone, my hope is that more people will participate in exclusive activities like this to drive critical research funds to The Dementia Momentum."

This collaboration is about embracing corporate social responsibility. Together our goal is to bring together an executive network and provide an opportunity for the corporate sector to invest firmly in social change.
Richard Grellman AM, Ambassador

There are currently more than 413,000 Australians with dementia with the projection that by 2056 this figure will reach a million, with more than 650 new cases being diagnosed every day. The current economic cost of dementia worldwide is $818 billion annually and, in Australia alone the increase in costs will go from an estimated $14 billion currently to nearly $37 billion by the middle of the century.

With the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias cumulatively affecting more than three million Australians by 2050, an increased investment in research is the only hope we have for the development of medical interventions to delay, halt or reverse the diseases that lead to dementia.

Phil Cave has previously demonstrated his commitment to supporting research when he and wife Judy Harris became founding members of The Dementia Momentum, donating $100,000 to the initiative.

"The social and economic burden of this disease is unmistakable," said Mr Cave.

"The coupling of an ageing workforce and a rapid increase in dementia cases necessitates corporate social responsibility alongside government research funding," he said.

The inaugural Drive Out Dementia took place on 27 October 2017 with the official launch event set for February 2018. The events are coordinated by Mr O’Neill who has 17 years’ experience facilitating luxury and performance vehicle launches and elite corporate driving events.

"Our hope is that the corporate participants recognise the value of funding research into prevention to change the future of dementia and benefit all Australians," said Mr Grellman.

Enquiries: Heidi Douglass, | +61 435 579 202, +61 2 9382 3398


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Mr Richard Grellman AM
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Richard's wife Suellen has advanced young onset Alzheimer's disease

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