• Dr Suraj Samtani

    Get to know our innovative team of researchers, their achievements and their current projects in this compelling series from The Brain Dialogues

  • Research Grant to Fund Major Advance in Fight Against Dementia

    Professor Perminder Sachdev AM has been awarded a $3.289 million NHMRC Investigator Grant

  • Grant Awarded to Support World First Study

    Research grant awarded to Dr Louise Mewton to look at link between cognitive decline and alcohol consumption

  • World First Study Identifies Variants for Two Neuroimaging Traits

    CHeBA researchers help lead a Genome-Wide Association Study

  • Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Worse Cognitive Performance After a Stroke

    People with Type 2 diabetes, but not those with prediabetes, had worse cognitive performance three to six months after a stroke

  • 95+ Show Greater Brain Connectivity

    Centenarians show increased activation between left and right side of brain


    Dementia risk factors and how the 'Maintain Your Brain' trial and its participants are helping future generations

  • The Dementia Momentum®

    The Dementia Momentum® is a movement to bring researchers and the corporate and philanthropic community together to change the future of dementia incidence