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Sep 7-8: Living to 100 Conference 2018

Sep 5-6: ICC Meeting 2018, Blue Mountains

Jul 24: Prof Brodaty presents "Psychosocial Research in Dementia: Past, Present, and Future" at AAIC 2018, Chicago, United States

May 30: Prof Sachdev's presentation at El Aleph. Festival de Arte y Cienca in Mexico (in Spanish)

Apr 27: Prof Brodaty's presentation, "Depression, Dementia, Pseudodementia, Pseudodepression" at Psychogeriatrics in Perspective, Parliament House Sydney

Apr 11: Prof Brodaty presents at the "Your Brain Matters" forum as part of the NSW Seniors Festival, Hunter's Hill



Nov 15-17: Prof Brodaty presents at the Commonwealth Fund's 20th International Symposium on Health Care Policy

Apr 26-29: 32nd International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International, Kyoto, Japan

Mar 15: NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research Lecture Series - Dementia-Inspiring Hope, Retaining Realism

Feb 27: Alzheimer's Australia ACT - Great Expectations, Inspiring Hope through Research


May 26: Alzheimer's Australia NSW - Spotlight on Dementia Forum

Aug 22Dementia Care Commitment - Prof Henry Brodaty's talk "An Introduction to Dementia"

Aug 31: Montefiore Home - Prof Henry Brodaty's talk "Maintain Your Brain"

Sep 1: Dr Howard Fillit: Alzheimer's Drug Discovery 2016 - Where to Now?

Oct 25: Akolade's 2nd Annual Dementia Summit - Prof Henry Brodaty's talk "Prevent Dementia"

Nov 18: Visiting Lecture: Lipidomics in Alzheimer's Disease

Dec 3: International Prevalence of Dementia, Cognitive Impairment and Functional Dependence in Centenarians. 

Dec 8: Visiting Lecture: A.David Smith and Helga Refsum

Dec 9: Integrated Care and Safety Issues in Aging Mental Health  

Dec 10: Can Lifestyle Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?


May 1: OT Practice in Dementia - Prof Henry Brodaty's keynote presentation

May 4: War Memorial Hospital - Prof Henry Brodaty "AD treatment and prevention"

Aug 18Better Brain Better Life Forum

Aug 25: PROBUS Club - Prof Henry Brodaty "Preventing AD"

Sep 17-18: CHeBA-RANZCP Symposium on Prevention of Depression

Sep 29: APRU 2015 Ageing in the Asia-Pacific Research Symposium - Prof Henry Brodaty's keynote presentation


Feb 20: 5th Annual Dementia Congress

Mar 4: Rockdale City Council Public Forum

Mar 14-15: Neuropsychiatry Training Weekend

Mar 25: Czech Association of Social Care Providers Conference

May 24: Better Brain. Better Life Public Forum

Aug 19Human Rights Commission

Sep 23: Baptist Community Service presentation


May 4: CHeBA Information Day

June 5-6: ARCS Scientific Congress - McKeon Review

Aug: AICC - Kirribilli Club

Oct 8: CHeBA Research Day

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