Independent Learning Projects (ILP)

2018 ILP Students

Wey-Lynn Liew (Genetics & Epigenomics)

"The hippocampus is a key memory structure and atrophies with ageing and neurodegenerative disease. My ILP project seeks to understand the process of hippocampal ageing by examining genetic variants associated with hippocampal volume in older Australians using CHeBA cohorts, the Sydney Memory and Ageing Study and the Older Australian Twins Study. I conducted a literature review on the topic and was given the opportunity to present my project as a poster to my peers and members of the Faculty of Medicine. I have also been able to attend internal seminars, and later on in the year will attend the Living to 100 Conference and learn from world-renowned speakers in the area of healthy ageing. Furthermore, I am very excited to be given the chance to present a 3-minute thesis later on in the year."

"My ILP Year has been a valuable learning experience thus far and has given me a little taste of the life of a researcher."

Chloe Timms (Genetics & Epigenomics)

"My ILP is investigating the use of genetic risk scores for vascular cognitive impairment in older adults. With all-cause dementia on the rise worldwide, it has touched my life and many others, and dementia research has become increasingly important in the search for a cure. Approaching my ILP, I was very interested in the genetics work currently being done at CHeBA relating to dementia, where the innovation of genetic risk scores paves the way for more personalised medicine in the future."

"I feel that the reason my ILP has been such a positive experience is because not only am I researching something in which I have genuine interest, but the relationship with my supervisors is very supportive."

CHeBA ILP students 2018 - Wey-Lynn Liew and Chloe Timms.jpg
Pictured L–R: Wey-Lynn Liew and Chloe Timms


Doing an Independent Learning Project with CHeBA provides an excellent opportunity for exposure to conducting research within the field of brain ageing.

ILP students develop fundamental research skills and learn about current issues in brain ageing research. An understanding of brain ageing research will help students in their future careers as health practitioners (both as general practitioners and specialists, such as geriatricians).

An ILP is also a useful entry point for any students considering a higher research degree or a research career. Students who graduate with an MBBS from an Australian or New Zealand University are eligible to apply to the Masters by Research or PhD programs in the Faculty of Medicine.

CHeBA staff are available to supervise both allocated and negotiated Independent Learning Projects.

Find out more about Independent Learning Projects, including application deadlines, on the UNSW Medicine Program Independent Learning Project (ILP) website.