Participate in the Older Australian Twins Study

CHeBA Longitudinal Study - Older Australian Twins Study
The Older Australian Twins Study is a longitudinal study investigating healthy brain ageing in older twins (65+ years), aiming to find out what influencs memory and thinking as we age.

Identical and non-identical twin pairs, aged 65 and older, living in Australia are eligible to participate in our research. With few exceptions, twin pairs can participate regardless of whether or not they are experiencing any memory or health problems.

In 2018 we commenced follow-up of our existing participants and invite new participants into the study. As something new, we will be doing most of the assessment using an online survey. By doing our assessment online, we will be able to include participants who live outside of major metropolitan cities. The online assessment includes answering questions about your health, lifestyle, memory and thinking and a neuropsychological assessment (the core aspect). Where feasible, participants will also be invited to provide a blood sample for analysis, and in some instances to have an MRI scan. Participants may, however, choose to complete only the core aspect of the study. Once part of the study, participants will be contacted at 18 month intervals and invited to take part in the study assessment again. Participants are free to opt-out of the study at any time. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating in this study.


For further information contact OATS on freecall 1800 81 TWIN or on email: