Mindgardens Functional Neurological Disorders (FND) Clinic Resources

Here you will find some resources and information on Functional Neurological Disorders (FND).

We aim to provide FND patients, their community and health care professionals with useful information about FND to increase their understanding of the disorder and to find additional support.

Patient Resources

Clinician Resources

Further Information - Patients

  • The Australian FND network provides an online FND learning module for patients that can be freely accessed
  • FND Australia Support Services Inc provides information and support about FND services in Australia
  • FND Australia Support Services Inc provides an App with information and strategies to help people with FND better understand their condition: 
  • FND Hope is an international patient-run registered charity for patients with functional neurological disorders
  • MyFND provides a downloadable app that aims to help patients with FND better understand, track, and ideally manage their symptoms
  • Australian Psychological Society provides a resource to help you find a psychologist

Further Information - Clinicians

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