Referral to the FND Clinic

Concurrent with ongoing neurological care, patients can be referred to the clinic by their specialist and must have a confirmed diagnosis of FND made by their treating neurologist. 

Further information about making a referral can be found here: 

The form required to make the referral can be accessed here:

What are our Referral Criteria?

  • Aged 18-65 years 
  • FND diagnosed by a specialist neurologist  
  • Confirmation that that the diagnosis has been explicitly discussed with the patient prior to referral to the FND clinic 
  • Commitment by referring specialist to stay involved in patient’s care after clinic interventions are completed 
  • All FND related investigations have been completed 
  • Patient consenting and aware of referral to clinic  

How to refer? 

  • Please email the completed FND Referral form to:
  • Phone: 02 9382 3763
  • Fax: 02 9382 3774
  • Please mark referrals ‘for the attention of Dr Adith Mohan, Mindgardens FND Clinic’.
  • Referrals are screened by clinic staff for suitability. If considered suitable for the clinic, the referring clinician will be informed, and the patient will be invited to attend a comprehensive assessment.
  • Appointments cannot be booked and confirmed until all questionnaires and background information have been provided.

Who is not ready to be referred to the Clinic? 

  • Investigations ongoing 
  • Patient is not accepting of diagnosis of FND
  • Active medico-legal/ worker’s compensation matters 
  • Primary clinical issue other than FND

For further information, please contact the institute directly.