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2018 Publications

2018, 'Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalised anxiety disorder', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, vol. 52, pp. 1109 - 1172,

2018, 'Successful and Unsuccessful Collaborative Processes in Strangers and Couples Performing Prospective Memory Tasks', Discourse Processes,

2018, 'The Going to Stay at Home program: Combining dementia caregiver training and residential respite care', International Psychogeriatrics, vol. 30, pp. 1697 - 1706,

2018, 'The interactive effects of perceived peer drinking and personality profiles on adolescent drinking: a prospective cohort study', Addiction,

2018, 'The relationship between voxel-based metrics of resting state functional connectivity and cognitive performance in cognitively healthy elderly adults', Brain Imaging and Behavior, vol. 12, pp. 1742 - 1758,

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