Is White Matter an Earlier Biomarker than Grey Matter for Alzheimer's Disease?

image - Brain Scan
Project Main Description: 

Biomarkers (short for biological markers) are substances which can be objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of risk or progression of a disease. White matter loss is a common finding in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but the mechanisms are not well understood. We investigate white matter measures to see whether they may be useful as a non-invasive biomarker in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • To investigate whether microstructural white matter changes similar to those identified in AD patients can be detected in cognitively normal non-demented individuals destined to develop amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI).

  • To examine the relationships between brain amyloid burden as measured by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Aβ42 levels and white matter degeneration at different stages of the AD process.

Project Status: 
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