The Organisation of the Elderly Connectome

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Project Main Description: 

Prior investigations of human brain structural networks have primarily focused on healthy young adults and clinical samples. We study the scans of community-dwelling participants aged 70-90 years in order to examine normal age-related changes in the structural organisation of the elderly brain.

  • To examine age-related changes in structural topological organisation of the elderly brain

  • To investigate whether both hemispheric asymmetry and sex differences in structural networks are present in an older population

  • To examine changes in the structural network using functional network measures


Findings from this study were published in the journal, Neuroimage. The connectivity data of all cognitively healthy elderly subjects as analysed by Perry et al (, collected as part of the Sydney Memory and Ageing Study (MAS), is publicly available here. You will first have to register for access here.

Project Status: 
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