Structural Brain Networks

image - Structural Brain Networks
Project Members: 
image - Assoc Prof Wei Wen
Associate Professor
Ph +61 2 9382 3730 or +61 2 9385 0438
image - Jiyang Jiang
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph +61 (2) 9385 0461
image - Forrest Koch
Research Assistant
Ph 0435 832 488
Project Main Description: 

Traditionally, the study of the relationship between brain structure, brain ageing and associated neuropsychiatric disorders involved examining circumscribed atrophy or other abnormalities of various grey or white matter regions of interest by using 3D T1- weighted structural MRI scans. However, there are limita­tions with this approach. One such limitation is that in normal ageing, and in brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) or schizophrenia, a large number of struc­tures show atrophy or abnormality making the significance of any one structural change difficult to establish. Further­more, this approach does not take into account the fact that the brain functions as a network of inter-connected regions, and it is the abnormality in the network that is more indicative of functional impairment. The emerg­ing network approach, based on graph theory, has the significant advantage of providing rich, structural descrip­tion, which allows efficient computation and comparison of different connection topologies within a common theoretical framework. Structural brain network images are constructed using either structural brain scans, such as DTI, or 3D T1-weighted scans.

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