Defining the Role of Inflammation in Depression during Ageing

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Project Main Description: 

The relationship between inflammation and geriatric depression is well-established, and offers the potential for the development of novel therapeutic strategies based on inflammatory targets. However, the relationship between depression and inflammation is complicated by age-associated factors (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, metabolic changes, morphological brain changes) which may contribute to both inflammation and depressive symptoms. It is therefore not yet known if inflammation is a cause or consequence, or both, of geriatric depression.

  1. To understand the relationship between inflammation and depression during ageing, through the investigation of the bidirectional relationship between inflammatory biomarkers in the Sydney Memory & Ageing Study (MAS).

  2. To investigate the molecular underpinnings of inflammation during ageing by analysing genetic, gene expression, and protein biomarkers.

  3. To develop an inflammation-based prediction model of depression (consisting of clinical, genetic, gene expression and protein biomarkers in the context of inflammation) during ageing in the MAS (discovery sample) and to replicate in a second ageing sample, the Older Australian Twins Study (OATS).

Project Status: 
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