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The Older Australian Twins Study is a longitudinal study investigating healthy brain ageing in older twins (65+ years). Healthy ageing is characterised by low levels of disability, high cognitive and functional capacity, and an active engagement in life. The most important ingredient of healthy...

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The age composition of Australia’s population is projected to change considerably over the coming decades, with elderly Australians the fastest growing proportion of the population. This is particularly true of the centenarians, the exceptional group of individuals who reach...

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The Sydney Memory and Ageing Study (Sydney MAS) began in 2005 to examine the clinical characteristics and prevalence of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and to determine the rate of change in cognitive function over time. It is one of the largest longitudinal studies of this...

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Recent brain stimulation research suggests that mild brain stimulation (ie. tDCS) when given during performance of a cognitive (memory) task in a single session improves performance.  Also patients who have had a stroke learn how to do certain 'hands-on' tasks better when...

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Diagnosis and prediction of MCI and AD using pattern rec­ognition and methods. Early and accurate diagnosis and prediction of MCI and AD is essential for developing new treatments which may prevent AD, or slow its progression. However, this is particularly challenging due...

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The Sydney Stoke Study began in 1997 with the award of a grant by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). Over the next 3 years, nearly 1000 stroke patients were screened to finally include 200 patients in the study. An additional 100 healthy subjects were recruited from the...

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MCI represents a transitional state in which individuals show impairment of cognitive function, but retain relatively intact global cognition. We explored the different grey matter change patterns of normal ageing and MCI

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Most complex traits, such as blood protein levels and memory performance, have a genetic component and many genes are thought to be involved.  In genome-wide association studies, known as GWAS, we test whether hundreds of thousands of genetic variants are associated with a measure of...


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