CHeBA Research Project - Dementia Prevalence across 17 Population-Based Centenarian Studies from 11 Countries
Tags: ICC-Dementia, ageing, dementia, cognitive impairment, consortia, centenarians, global dementia prevelance, risk factors Status: Current

The International Centenarian Consortium of Dementia (ICC-Dementia) aims to explore factors that predict successful ageing into the 11th decade of life that are robust across international cohorts through international collaboration and data sharing. This project is motivated by the variation in...

CogSCAN - Cognition. Study of Computer-Administered Neuropsychological tests in seniors - research project at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA)
Tags: CogSCAN, Cognition, Computer-Administered Neuropsychological tests, seniors, dementia, CHeBA, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, early diagnosis Status: Current

Dementia is a major health problem with 200 Australians diagnosed every day and at least as many having mild cognitive impairment which often precedes dementia. Early diagnosis is seen as critical for interventions yet many older adults at risk do not receive a timely diagnosis. Objective...

CHeBA Research Project - Maintain Your Brain
Tags: Alzheimer's Disease, prevention, intervention, lifestyle, dementia, healthy brain ageing, modifiable risk factors Status: Current

Maintain Your Brain is a randomised controlled trial (ACTRN 12618000851268) of a personalised, multi-modal intervention designed to target modifiable risk factors for dementia in general and AD in particular. Risk factors to be addressed are physical inactivity, poor diet, cognitive...

image - Proteomics Compressed
Tags: Proteomics, Alzheimer's Disease, Apolipoproteins Status: Current

Blood is not only a repository for a variety of disease biomarkers, but its constituents can also reflect the status of the body as it ages, responds to lifestyle and environmental impacts such as nutrition, exercise and education, and reflects changes within the body such as response to disease...

image - Jaemin
Status: Current

Proteomics is the large scale study of the protein complement of a living organism. Proteins are involved in a range of cellular processes, including ageing. We hope to better understand this role by studying protein expression, function and changes in normal ageing and age-related disorders,...

image - Sto
Status: Current

Prior investigations of human brain structural networks have primarily focused on healthy young adults and clinical samples. We study the scans of community-dwelling participants aged 70-90 years in order to examine normal age-related changes in the structural organisation of the elderly brain...

image - Older Australian Twins Study Group
Tags: OATS; twins; twin study Status: Current

The Older Australian Twins Study is a longitudinal study investigating healthy brain ageing in older twins (65+ years). Healthy ageing is characterised by low levels of disability, high cognitive and functional capacity, and an active engagement in life. The most important ingredient of healthy...

image - 7   SCS Photo Colour   Margaret Sommerville 99 Years Old And Major Cyril Bunny 98 Years Old
Tags: Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, CHeBA, Sydney Centenarian Study, longitudinal studies, Professor Perminder Sachdev, genetics, environmental determinants, extreme longevity Status: Current


The age composition of Australia’s population is projected to change considerably over the coming decades, with elderly Australians the fastest growing proportion of the population. This is particularly true of...


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