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Role: Digital Communications Officer
Michelle is CHeBA’s Digital Communications Officer. Michelle is responsible for maintaining the CHeBA website and provides administrative, digital and design assistance to the Marketing and...
image - Staff Michelle Savignano
Role: Research Officer
Adam Theobald is the Coordinator of the Sydney Centenarian Study which explores the environmental and genetic determinants of successful ageing. The study was established in 2008 and has included...
Adam Theobald, CHeBA staff profile
Role: Associate Professor Field: Neurosciences, Radiology and Organ Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
Research Interests: Computational neuroanatomy is about a comprehensive structural and functional model of the brain. The distribution of structural changes of human brain reflects the underlying...
Associate Professor Wei Wen, CHeBA
Role: PhD Student
My research interests include identifying biomarkers that may be clinically applicable for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment. One of the barriers to...
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