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Role: Lecturer Field: Neurosciences, Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Developmental Psychology and Ageing
Research Interests Dementia is one of the top five causes of death in Australia with an increasing incidence due to an aging population. Significant evidence points to oxidative stress (OS) as a...
image - Dr Nady Braidy
Role: Scientia Professor Field: Psychiatry, Aged Health Care, Geriatrics and Gerontology
Research Interests:1)Cognitive health and ageing: What predicts cognitive decline in older people? We are conducting a population based study of >1000 older people to discover what are risk and...
image - Prof Henry Brodaty
Role: Postdoctoral Fellow Field: Central Nervous System
Dr Vibeke Catts is the Study Coordinator for the Older Australian Twins Study (OATS) at the Centre for Health Brain Ageing (CHeBA), UNSW Sydney. OATS is a longitudinal, multi-centre study that...
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Role: Research Assistant
image - Tiffany Chau Website
Role: Professor of Nursing
CV Summary Professor Lynn Chenoweth (RN, D Com Hlth, BA, MA (Hons), GC Tch/Lrn, M Ad Ed, PhD)   I am a researcher, health clinician and educator. I have been researching aged care, health and aged...
image - Lynn Chenoweth
Role: Administrative Assistant
image - Melissa Chungue Events Assistant
Role: Senior Research Officer Field: Applied Statistics, Developmental Psychology and Ageing, Other Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
I obtained the degrees BSc(hons) in Physics and MEngSc in Electrical Engineering (University of Sydney), and a PhD in Psychology (UNSW) in the area of individual differences and human abilities. I am...
image - John
Role: Postdoctoral Fellow
Role: Administrative Officer
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