CV Summary Professor Lynn Chenoweth

(RN, D Com Hlth, BA, MA (Hons), GC Tch/Lrn, M Ad Ed, PhD)


I am a researcher, health clinician and educator. I have been researching aged care, health and aged care policy, and contributing to aged care nursing education and practice, since 1987. I am currently Professor of Nursing, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, UNSW (2012-18). Previous positions include Professor of Aged & Extended Care Nursing, University of Technology Sydney (2000-15), Director of the Health and Aged Care Research Unit, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (2000-14), Leader of the Dementia Nursing Group, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, UNSW (2004-16) and member of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems, UTS (2009-2016).


My interest in researching the effects of the psychosocial environment on population health began in 1982 and continued until I commenced Doctoral Studies in Social Policy in 1987. This was the period in which Governments were seeking to reform aged care in Australia and in many other developed nations. I began the process of uncovering the experiences of older people living in nursing homes and hostels when I was commissioned by the Commonwealth Government to explore the social needs of residents in government, non-government and charity extended care facilities within NSW. These findings provided the foundation for developing mandatory policy in the areas of recreation and leisure opportunities and residents’ rights to privacy and social experiences in nursing homes and hostels. I went on to critically evaluate all of the Residential Aged Care Outcome Standards and their impact on the lives of older people in my Doctoral studies. Since that time I have conducted research in the areas of neurological conditions including dementia, Parkinson’s disease and stroke, as well as frailty and healthy ageing, and health and aged care systems.


In my position as Clinical Chair in Aged and Extended Care Nursing with South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service (2000-14) I led a multidisciplinary research program to improve health and social support systems for older people and those who care for them. This program of research continues in my present position with the Centre for Healthy Ageing at the UNSW, guided by primary health care, which promotes the view that health and community support services should strive to enable social participation, self-determination, well-being and health of older people and their family networks, in whatever circumstances they are placed. The research program has connected scholarly research with communities of practice, in the strong conviction that applied research should have utility and relevance to public policy and be of benefit to society.

Being inter-disciplinary, this research program engages communities of research scientists, clinicians, policy makers, health economists and consumers, providing a legacy of quality research that has shaped health and aged care policy, changed practice and improved consumer outcomes. The body of evidence produced by the collaborative research teams on the effectiveness of person-centred aged and dementia care has led to policy reform and service standards in Australia and internationally. It has helped to reshape health and aged care systems that better meet the needs of older people and their families, has improved outcomes and healthy ageing in life transitions, and has provided guidance on best-practice models for people with dementia and other chronic illnesses. International research teams are currently replicating a small number of the successful projects in their own cultures in close consultation.


Recognition of the research program’s contribution to health and aged care service reform has resulted in frequent invitations to give keynote papers at international conferences, to provide seminars, lectures and workshops to a wide range of consumer groups, and to advise on Aged Care TV Channel productions. I am frequently invited to join key national and international dementia/ageing committees; to contribute to special edition journal articles; to consult on legal matters and health system reforms; and requested to provide health/aged care staff research mentorship and research student supervision. A summary of this output follows:


Research Support: Since my appointment to a research position in 2000 I have provided leadership on over 60 competitively funded research studies in aged, dementia and chronic health care worth over $5M, have been CIB or CIC on several funded studies over $4M, and am current CIC for NIH-UK studies over $5M. I was awarded 1st prize for the UTS-Research Excellence in Research Partnership 2010; 1st prize 2012 Alzheimer’s Disease International- Fondation Mederic Alzheimer award for best psychosocial dementia intervention project for the PerCEN study (CIA); was a team member of the SMILE study - Alzheimer award most innovative psychosocial dementia intervention project 2012, and was awarded the UNSW Gold Star for research- iHome Project 2013 NHMRC (CIA).


Contribution to the field: My team of researchers has produced evidence of effective healthcare models and systems, in particular person centred care and environments, which has directly influenced Australian health and aged care policy reform and adopted service standards ( and funding requirements (, and contributed to international attention and adoption of care standard specifications across the NIH (UK and northern Ireland) and in health policy in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Canada and USA.


Publications: I have produced over 160 peer reviewed refereed journal articles, 10 book chapters, 5 nursing texts, 3 commissioned reports, 15 research articles under review. Publications from 2007 – 2017 are listed below. My scopus H-index is 19 and number of citations is 800+. Patent: Person-Centred Environment & Care Assessment Tool (UTS-license and copyright).


Research Collaborations: 200+ interdisciplinary research academics, clinicians, consumers/advocacy groups, policy makers, knowledge translation brokers and health and aged care services, including 100+ Australian and international aged care provider groups; South East, Northern, South West and Central Coast LHDs; Alzheimer’s Australia; Parkinson’s Australia; and UNSW, UTS, USyd, UOW, QUT, Griffith U, Curtin U, Monash U, La Trobe U, Newcastle U, ACU, Canberra U, Bradford U, Leeds-Beckett, Swansea U, UCA, Johns Hopkins U, HKPolyU. Lynn has undertaken 15 major consultancies in Australian aged sector.


Professional Involvement: Appointments to Australian Government’s Dementia Advisory Group 2008-15, Aged Care Advisory Committee 2002-15, NSW Clinical Redesign Group 2007-11, Discharge Policy Advisory Committee 2008-11, NSW Stroke Advisory Group prior 2008-11 Parkinson’s Advisory Group 2006-16, Alzheimer Australia Advisory Group 2009-2016.


International Standing: I frequently consult for health/aged care services across Australia, UK and Asia on implementing and evaluating best practice models, give keynote addresses at international conferences, provide health/aged care staff seminars and workshops, and hold Adjunct Professorships at Macau School of Nursing, China, and at Notre Dame University.


Supervision and Mentoring: From 2006 -2017 I have contributed to 20 PhD completions, mentored 100+ clinician-led studies, and examined 21 PhD theses and 10 Honours theses.


Peer Review Involvement: I was invited to join the ARC-ERA- Public and Allied Health grant review panel 2012 and 2015, reviewed ARC and NHMRC grants from 2002-2017, as well regularly reviewing research grants for Alzheimer’s Australia, Parkinson’s NSW, the NIH (UK), ZonMw-Netherlands, Dept Health New Zealand. I was aJournal Editorial Board member 2010-17 for JOPN, NOP, Japan JNSc, and reviewed 150+ refereed articles annually for following journals- IJNP, JNS, HSR, AJA, JAN, IP, BMCG, IJNS, JAD.


Publications 2007-2017:


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