Matt is an Old Age Psychiatrist and Researcher within the Neuroimaging and Neuropsychiatry Groups at CHeBA, and trained both in the UK and Australia. He is the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Outstanding PhD Theses, having recently completed his PhD in vascular cognitive impairment and neuroimaging with Professor Perminder Sachdev AM, Co-Director of CHeBA. He has also gained a Masters of Psychiatric Research from University College London (UCL). He has published over 20 papers in high impact journals, with a h-index of 13 (Aug 2022).    
Matt’s dual role as clinician and researcher has developed his unique understanding of the dementia experience. His research interests include late-life depression, mild-cognitive impairment, cerebrovascular imaging, dementia service development and dementia risk-reduction. He works as a Senior Research Fellow and clinical advisor with the Memory Clinic Initiative of the Australian Dementia Network (ADNet).  
In 2016, he received a Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration grant to develop a novel MRI-based cerebrovascular pathology index which he hopes will be used to improve diagnostic procedures for clinicians, researchers and the wider community. In 2018, Matt was the inaugural recipient of the Josh Woolfson Memorial Scholarship which supports research looking at modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease to identify and target at-risk groups and individuals and develop intervention strategies for risk reduction.  
Matt is a strong advocate for older people and works clinically as a Senior Staff Specialist at Concord Hospital and as a Senior VMO in Coffs Harbour. 

Meet Our Researcher
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